Leverage Your Opportunities


What Westland can do for your business

Westland is actively working with our extensive network of trusted buyers and sellers across the physical grain market every single day matching buyers and sellers in real time. We have an unbiased, independent insight on what opportunities can maximize your business's bottom line!



  1. Place a Bid or Ask
    Get in touch with our team and let us know the following:
    • What you’re looking to buy or sell
    • What time period you would like it to be shipped in
    • What price you would like to buy or sell it for
    • The volume you would like to buy or sell


      BUYERS place BIDS to buy grain - our buyers indicate a price they would like to purchase grain at.
      SELLERS place ASKS to sell grain – our sellers indicate a price they would like to sell their grain at.

  2. Let us do the work
    We continually work bids and asks and stay in contact with our large network of competitive buyers and sellers to find our clients the best price in the market
  3. Accept the Bid or Ask
    After researching the market our team will contact you with a bid (if you are looking to sell grain) or an ask (if you are looking to buy grain) – at that time you can accept the bid or ask making the deal complete - or counter the bid/ask with an alternative price 
  4. Verify the Trade Confirmation
    Our team will capture all of the details of the deal on a “Trade Confirmation” that will be emailed to you the day the deal is made on. Details included: buyer's contact information, seller's contact information, date of the deal, commodity traded, volume traded, contract price, etc.
  5. Settlement
    Buyer makes a secure payment to seller. If the deal is between an Ontario producer and a licensed dealer this will fall under the AgriCorp Grain Protection Act and the producer will be paid within 10 days of shipping their grain


Common Questions

Everyone is busy and the scope of the market place is often overwhelming. When working with Westland you gain the benefit of our constant connection to an extensive network of trusted buyers and sellers in a single phone call. We are involved in the market daily and can identify basis direction trends and are happy to give market feedback. Also, don't forget, we work your Bid or Ask in a confidential matter – parties are not revealed until the deal is complete.

Commodities that Westland brokers include but are not limited to corn, wheat, soybeans, edible beans and all feed ingredients such as dried distiller grain and soymeal.

Westland's foremost geographical trading areas are Ontario, Quebec, Michigan & New York. However we continue to build our network in various other trading markets.

We will only charge a brokerage fee in the event we match a deal.

The answer is no. We work both delivered bids and asks as well as FOB (freight on board or picked up) at your farm or elevator.

Westland only matches producers with licensed dealers. Westland is also a member of the National Grain and Feed Association.